NAUA is a growing Association of Unitarians, Universalists, and other religious liberals. We are working together to support one another in our individual and congregational efforts to make our world happier and more just through the practice and promotion of our shared values.

Our Values


NAUA summarizes these values, which emerged during the Renaissance and flourished during the Enlightenment, as freedom, reason, and tolerance, and considers them fundamental for any society to demonstrate respect for the worth and dignity of every person.

Freedom: Every person must be free to think and speak for themselves and to choose their own purposes and meaning in life.

Reason: Every person has the capacity to reason and consider the empirical evidence before them in their pursuit of truth and understanding. Ideological dictums and religious dogmas should not be imposed upon them.

Tolerance: Every person, regardless of their specific ideologies and identities, should have equal standing and equal access to the benefits and protections of society.

NAUA, thus, seeks to serve and support religious liberals in their efforts and ministries to promote such dignity amongst themselves, their communities, and in the world at large.

The North American Unitarian Association (NAUA) is committed to supporting and promoting liberal  religion, including embracing the fundamental principles of religious freedom, reason and tolerance.

NAUA is not affiliated with the Untarian Universalist Association (UUA), which in 1985 adopted a number of principles and sources for its member organizations. These UUA principles and sources have neither been adopted nor rejected by NAUA.

NAUA is not a governing body for its individual members, member organizations, congregations or fellowships. NAUA does not recommend or require its members to accept or follow  any specific religious or spiritual beliefs, creeds or covenants. Each member of the NAUA is autonomous, and as such shall determine for themselves whether to accept or reject the beliefs, principles and sources of a particular religion or denomination. NAUA expresses no opinion as to whether its members should promote or subscribe to the UUA’s principles and sources.

Meet our Provisional Board of Trustees

NAUA’s founding members have elected a provisional Board of Directors. A new Board will be elected by our members at our first Annual General Meeting.  

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Our Provisional Bylaws

NAUA  Board has adopted a set of provisional Bylaws. These bylaws will be in effect until adopted and/or modified by the members at our first annual  meeting.  Please click this link to view or download these bylaws .NAUA Provisional Bylaws v15


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All Are Welcome

We welcome all people committed to liberal religion and embrace the principles of freedom, reason, and tolerance in pursuit of their individual paths. You do not need to be a Unitarian or Universalist to join.

Our members include Unitarians, Universalists, and other religious liberals throughout North America and the world.

Our members include both individuals and organizations, like congregations, churches, fellowships, and other related groups.

NAUA requires no adherence to any theological creed as a basis for membership.

The Latest News

Understanding our Supreme Courts: US and Canadian Perspectives

Understanding our Supreme Courts: US and Canadian Perspectives

In these session (origionally presented on Feb 13, 2024) our three presenters discus the ways in which our two Supreme Courts are appointed and some of the major issues with which they deal.  The decisions of these courts have powerful and sometimes unexpected effects...

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