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Program Circles – Introducing a Fresh Approach to Interact with Fellow NAUA Members

Commencing in February, we are excited to introduce a novel method for North American Unitarian Association (NAUA) members to connect and foster camaraderie through web conference (Zoom) and if locations permit in person. Many of us are seeking fellowship, learning and friendships. We hope that NAUA can be a vehicle to do this.

Initially, we will launch two Conversational CIRCLES scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays at 4 pm PST, as well as the first and third Saturdays at 11 am PST, spanning 6 months. Each CIRCLE will comprise of approximately 12 members. Each circle will develop their own activities and pathways to connection.

We intend to commence on a modest scale and expand based on demand.

The events are not “drop in” in that we hope members will attend regularly every second week. If you wish to take part, kindly express your interest by emailing, sharing a brief note about your enthusiasm and your preference for Tuesday or Saturday, and we will promptly respond with the Zoom URL.