Purpose of the Book Club The NAUA Book Club is designed to allow the members to discuss fiction and nonfiction books chosen by fellow book club members.  It is hoped that this will expose the members to books that they may not chose to read on their own.  The format will encourage members to discuss how the book was interesting to them given their life’s experiences and to hopefully give a liberal religious dimension to the discussion.  Members are encouraged to be frank and to discuss any differences over interpretation that might arise in an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

How the books are chosen Books can be chosen by participating members regardless of the topic. As a member joins, they will be given a chance to choose a book in order of their joining and will be assigned a month to lead the discussion.  Members can decide to pass on choosing a book.

Format of the meeting  At the meeting, the book chooser will begin the discussion and we will go around the “table” giving each person a chance to comment on what they liked or didn’t like about the book. Cross talk is encouraged.  Of course a member could pass.  Everyone would be encouraged to attend even if they haven’t finished the book.  The limit of the group will be limited to15 persons. Other members could attend but due to time constraints the discussion would be limited to the 15 formal members of the club.

Details of the meetings The book club will meet online by Zoom on the 4th Thursday of the month at 8:00 PM CST. The leader of the club will provide the necessary Zoom contact info to formal members and to others who indicate an interest.  In true Unitarian tradition all are invited to participate in one or all book club meetings.

Leader: Ed Hudak   ehudak71@gmail.com who lives in Neenah Wisconsin

How to join the club Email Ed Hudak at (ehudak71@gmail.com) your interest and a book to read if you have one.  Ed will add your name to the list of members and he will assign your book a month when your book will be read and post it online.  Once 15 members are reached, additional members will be put on a waiting list and a contact list.  People on the waiting list are free to attend but due to time constraints participation will be limited. If interest and numbers warrant new bookclubs may be formed.