NAUA Academy

The NAUA Academy provides courses to Members of the NAUA and others interested in Unitarianism, Unitarian Universalism and Liberal Religion. Single-session and multiple-session courses deal with the history and development of Unitarianism and Liberal Religion, as well as with issues of concern in contemporary society from a liberal religious perspective. Participation in courses is virtual, using Zoom. Sessions consist of a presentation followed by small group discussions. 


To provide high quality learning and networking opportunities designed to develop and enhance our critical thinking skills and to translate our values of Freedom, Reason and Tolerance into actions in the world.


A world where people of liberal religious faith have multiple and diverse opportunities to learn, work, and build community.


The Goal of the Academy is to support the preservation and growth of classical Unitarianism and Liberal Religion internationally.


  • Providing educational courses for individuals, lay leaders and ministers to support congregations seeking to maintain a classical Unitarianism and Liberal Religious perspective/orientation within their congregations.
  • Provide educational courses and support to congregations that seek to re-orient themselves toward a more classical Unitarian/Liberal Religious interpretation of our religion.
  • Foster the creation of interactive networks for communication and sharing of ideas and opportunities to work together and provide for mutual support.
  • Provide on-line and face-based programs and resources to promote classical Unitarianism and Liberal Religion as a means to introduce potential members to our religion (i.e., evangelism) as well as to support Unitarians who are “unchurched” or live in areas in which there is no appropriate Unitarian Church (e.g. the Greater Fellowship model).
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Online Programs:

Given the wide geographic spread of NAUA members,  the programming of the Academy is hosted online using Zoom videoconferencing. During the online sessions participants have ample opportunity to interact directly with each other and guest teachers. This interaction leads to building networks and nurtures the development and implementation of ideas that enhance liberal religious communities and our personal lives. These programmes also foster exchanges (both in person and online) between NAUA individual and member organizations.

The Academy sessions normally consist of a guest speaker, a Question and Answer and end with a small break-out group for informal discussion. 

Check upcoming events for times dates and ways to register and participate in the monthly Academy sessions. All are welcomed.

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