Sept. 19, 4:30 PM PDT (7:30 EDT)

Ken Ing looks at Unitarian life in a age of identity politics.

We are very pleased to highlight this exceptional video. Ken has created some compelling and engaging slides and narrates the phiolosopy and ideas that are propelling the current wave of anti-racism. A must see and share for concerned Unitarians 

The ideological differences causing rifts in many UU Congregations did not originate in Unitarian Universalism. Many countries that trace their heritage back to the Enlightenment are experiencing an ideological tug-of-war between traditional liberals and an identity-centric movement. Most traditional liberals don’t understand the belief systems underlying the identity-centric movement. Ken’s talk will attempt to explain those belief systems, and the reasoning behind them. He will be synthesizing the insights and perspectives of numerous books and other published writings. Ken believes we can’t resolve a conflict if we can’t articulate the perspectives of both sides.

Ken Ing retired in 2019 after spending his entire career in Information Technology. He lives in the northwest portion of the state of Washington. He is a frequent contributor to the local UU Fellowship’s adult learning program, creating 13 talks over the past 4 years, usually about history or politics. He is a member of the NAUA Academy Advisory Board