NAUA’s New Website

NAUA is pleased to unveil the new website from which you are viewing this post!  We are pleased to be working with Skvare a website developer. Skvare’s logo is “helping others, help others” indicating their history of successful projects working with a variety of non profit, NGO and educational organizations.

Skvare focusses on developing websites and technical systems using open-source software. For this site build, we chose to use WordPress- the world’s most popular and open-source website platform. We also asked Skvare to implement CiviCRM – also an open-source platform that is used for constituent relationship management.  CiviCRM will allow us to better serve our members from across the continent.

As always with a new site, you may find small errors (we hope not) or you may have suggestions for improving this site. These comments are welcomed and encouraged. Please email with any suggestions.


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Liberal Bcaon #7

Liberal Beacon #7

This issue features a fascinating examination by Stephen Palmer of current Unitarian thinking through the lens of Elizabeth Kubla Ross’s 5 stages of grieve. This is follwoed by the personal and somewhat heart breaking story of Rev. terry’s Cummings journey through Unitarian congregations. Finally an artcile on an unscheduled model of  child care that practcied at one UU Church a book review our usual regular features.

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