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The NAUA’s International Alliance is pleased to announce its first international programme which will be the constitution of an International Study Group intended to bring UU’s from around the world together to study themes of common interest. For this year, we have decided to hold a study course on one of the main sources of our Unitarian faith, the Enlightenment. The description of the study course, and practical information or joining the study group are given at left.

International UU Study Group

 Programme for 2024:

Unitarianism, the Enlightenment, Its Philosophical Beginnings, and Current Relevance

Purpose of the study course. This course is intended to help participants clarify and deepen their understanding of their UU faith from an international perspective by exploring and reflecting on the central role of the enlightenment in the formation of our UU faith, its history, its philosophical origins, great ideals, different schools of thought, contradictions, and current relevance.

 Input and sources for the course.

The course is designed to provide a space for participants to study together the role of the enlightenment in our UU faith.

So, first of all, a major input will be the knowledge and experience shared by the participants.

Second, two text books have been selected to give direction, coherence, and momentum. The first is In Defence of the Enlightenment written by Tzvean Todorov. He is an internationally renowned thinker who is both a historian and philosopher. He concisely covers the main tenets of the enlightenment with exceptional clarity, and puts forward the conviction that the Enlightenment remains indispensable to the construction of an open and just society

The second book is Sophie’s World, which will help us place the enlightenment in a more universal, philosophical context extending from antiquity to today. As explained by Newsweek, it is ‘’A comprehensive history of Western philosophy as recounted to a 14 year old Norwegian schoolgirl … (it) will serve as a first rate introduction for anyone who never took an introductory philosophy course, and as a pleasant refresher for those who have forgotten most of it.’’

Finally,  Guest speakers may also be invited. And a variety of other inputs such as audio-visual documentaries may be used.

Course Format. In general, each session will enable participants to present their readings which will be followed clarifications, and discussion.

Participants. Unitarians, Universalists and friends from countries around the world are welcome to participate. Maximum of 15 participants.

Duration. 6 months from April to November 2024 including a summer break.

Dates and Time. Sessions are planned to be held once a month on the 4th Saturday from 19 to 21 h Central European Time

Requirements. Interest in the subject, engagement to participate in the 6 sessions if possible, access to zoom, the two text books (if available) and an English level sufficient to read the two text books.

Practical Information for joining the course. E mail your name and country of residence to either of the two study group coordinators: John Eichrodt at, or Stephen Polmar at

Support for the study group will come from the NAUA Academy